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I highly recommend Michelle Tan and Acupuncture treatments at the Ling Shu Acupuncture Clinic at 25 Albert st. I have received acupuncture treatments for a few different connective tissue tears, strains and sprains. Acupuncture has for me always proven to minimise recovery time and provided increased strength in said connective tissue by the end of each treatment cycle. I have also found that acupuncture increases my overall energy levels and calms anxiety, leaving me feeling overall stronger. Michelle is a wonderful healer with great knowledge and experience in the treatments of acupuncture, acupressure and Chinese medicine. I find Michelle very professional and comfortable to be around as well as trusting her medical and treatment advise. Thank you Michelle for all your help and healing
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Larissa T
6 August 2017
At the first meeting with Michelle, she started with a questionnaire regarding my health and she quickly established what would be the best therapy for her to use on me. Michelle is an excellent therapist and I have benefitted from the wonderful deep tissue back massages and reflexology. She is very knowledgeable and very professional, and because she is dedicated to her profession this shows through in her technique.
Virginia C
8 August 2017
As a result of a car accident in the late 1980's I suffer from painful knee problems. The treatment I receive at the Ling Shui Clinic with warm packs, massage and the moxibustion method involving acupuncture needles with burning Artemis (mugwort) herb has proved beneficial and my pain is much improved. Many thanks Michelle for your kindness and perseverance with my treatment.
7 August 2017
I injured my shoulder three years ago, I could not even lift the mouse to operate a computer, the pain was so bad. I was on 24hr painkillers. SInce being treated with Acapuncture by Michelle Tan I have regained my ability to use the computer again. Michelle has restored my body to enable me to be more productive. I have had my back treated as well and the result is now, although retired I can use the computer, garden, exercise without taking pain killers, and as a result my health has been restored back to normal. I have recommended Acapuncture with Michelle to my family and friends who have also been very pleased with the results.
Sandra H
6 August 2017
It is wonderful to meet a health professional who insists on getting you back to flexibility and good health. Michelle Tan is highly qualified and very approachable. Acupuncture and Acupressure, massage and Chinese style manipulation are all an important part of her expertise as well as herbal medicines. Michelle fixed me and that is better than surgery.
Robin A
05 Feb 2014
Found this service to be of great benefit and really noticed the difference in the pain relief. Well worth giving it a try.
30 Jan 2014
I have been seeing Michelle for a couple of years now for my sore back from a old sports injury. I find her massages take away most of the pain and allow me to continue without any problems. I highly recommend Ling Shu Clinic!
Jerry H
30 Jan 2014
Kia ora, since I've attended the ling Shu Chinese acupuncture clinic in 25 Albert Street PN. It has improved my Health immensely. I use to suffer from Lower Back Pain, Gout and a lack of Circulation. I no longer do now thanks to Michelle.
Mahanga Williams
Mahanga Williams
Hi, for years I have suffered a number of personal health issues but since attending the Ling Shu Clinic, I now feel a lot better and have more strength, cheers Michelle.
Vi Copeland
Vi Copeland

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